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Inclusive Business in Zimbabwe: partnerships for Export

Petrecozim's Inclusive Business Project

Inclusive Business at Work: the Matanuska Smallholder Banana Project

What is Inclusive Business?

Corporate businesses initiating linkages in their value chains with small scale operators and community based organisations for mutual benefit

By incorporating low-income populations in any of a company's supply, production, distribution and marketing of goods and services, companies can generate new jobs, income, technical skills and local capacity. Poorer consumers can benefit from products that meet their needs in affordable ways, creating new markets in the process.

Inclusive Business must make business sense, both for the companies and the communities in the process.

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Do you have an IB Project in mind? We can assist!

SNV Zimbabwe, with the support of the Ford Foundation, continue to provide funding and technical services to assist with Inclusive Business Scans for selected projects.

The Inclusive Business (IB) Scan is a facility which has been designed to assist identify and/or assess potential IB projects, and whether or not they make business sense both for the company and the small scale operators or community based organisations concerned. It is basically a comprehensive study which includes aspects such as the IB opportunities, the potential business models and benefits, the estimated...

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