Sanergy - Slum Sanitation in Kenya

Sanergy aims to improve sanitation in urban slums in Kenya by designing user friendly systems to increase usage and reduce cleaning costs. The company is taking an innovative approach to increase access to sanitation and waste management practices. In Kenya’s slums, 8 million people lack access to adequate sanitation. Sanergy’s long term objective is to build and scale commercially and sustainably viable sanitation infrastructure in the slums of Nairobi.

Sanergy is taking an innovative systems-based approach to make hygienic sanitation accessible, affordable and sustainable by building out the entire sanitation chain. The business is a vertically integrated waste management system based on four parts.

• Build a network of low-cost sanitation centres in slums;
• Distribute them through franchising to local entrepreneurs;
• Collect the waste produced;
• Process it into electricity and fertilizer.

At each step, this model creates jobs and opportunity while simultaneously addressing the need for hygienic sanitation solutions amongst slum-dwellers.

Through field tests, Sanergy determined that the profitability of entrepreneurs who operate their toilets is directly and largely impacted by the user preference for the toilet design and the daily cleaning costs. Off-the-shelf squat plates currently used do not meet the functional requirements of users. For example, current squat plates do not work well for women and often result in urine spilling outside the catchment or backsplash on the user. IAP funding will support the product development of durable and hygienic toilet design elements.

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